Self-Efficacy Is Rad Kiss-Cut Stickers

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Stick it then forget it. Our cute stickers are perfect for your water bottles, laptop, or lunchbox. From our red letter goods logo design to inspirational pick me ups, each sticker is a perfect way to personalize your belongings and share your love of red letter goods.


Self Collection Kiss Cut Stickers

  • Self-Love Is Sexy
  • Self-Efficacy Is Rad
  • Self-Respect Is Cool 
  • Self-Worth Is Badass


A perfect addition to any order!

Our cute and inspiring stickers are a great way to spread the message of red letter goods. You can use them on your work notes, journal or laptop - or anywhere you want to add some inspiration.


Need some inspiration on where to stick it?

Furniture - Bookshelf | Coffee Table | Filing Cabinet | Mirror | Picture Frame

Electronics - Phone Case | Laptop | Tablet | Video Game Console | External Hard Drive

Personal Items - Notebooks | Journals | Planner | Diary | Scrapbook

Travel - Lunchbox | Travel Mug | Suitcase | Cooler | Water Bottle

DIY Bonus! Turn your stickers into magnets. By using a magnet sheet, you can turn your stickers into magnets that you can reuse.




Note: Please allow up to 12 business days for delivery.


Size Chart

3" × 3" 4" × 4"
Width, in 3.00 4.00
Length, in 3.00 4.00